About Us

Khian3 Industries Sdn Bhd is a young but aggressive manufacturer from Malaysia, specialising in Aluminium Composite Panel for residential, commercial, and industrial projects, mainly in cladding, signage, roofing and cabinetry.

Our team of experienced professionals are committed to the “Quality First” principle that we strive to achieve, resulting in our products being recognized for the innovation and durability of materials it brings to the market.

We pride ourselves to bring product of excellence to our customers, because as a forward-thinking organization, we are always looking ahead – not just to the immediate future but far beyond it that is long term. We invest in research and innovate in all aspect our organization especially production process and or materials, equipping us with the ability to offer superior quality Aluminium Composite Panels to our partners & customers at affordable price. We treat our customers as our trusted partners, because we believe when our partners grow, we grow together.
Khian3’s Corporate Mission
We are committed to both product and service excellence while also continually improve our quality management system.
This will empower us with the ability to meet stringent customer requirement, and to ensure customer satisfaction.
Khian3’s Corporate Vision
To Provide environmentally friendly / green product
To create awareness of saving the environment
Continue to improve our products quality in order to meet he customer satisfaction.
Our aim is to meet the needs of our customer by providing extraordinary service from planning to execution and to after-sales services. We believe in building a long term and strong with all our customer by creating value and satisfaction. We currently servicing customer from across the globe in the building, refurbishment, interior design, corporate imaging, signage and transportation industries. Let us, KHIAN3 Industries Sdn Bhd provide solution for your needs and requirement.

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